Why me and why a blog and why call it that?

Hello to all the friends and family who are reading my first post on my first blog ever!

You may be wondering why I’ve called you here today?  In other words, why me?  Why even bother to write a blog at all?  The short answer is:  I don’t really know.  All I do know is that I love to write almost as much as I like to read, and writing requires some sort of audience.  You, my friend, have been roped into being my audience!  However, I do promise never to put you on the spot and ask you if you like my writing or have checked out my blog.  I mean, one can go too far.

The reason for the blog part is — what an easy way to get my words out there!  I’m all about getting things done in a simple way, lately!

And…the name.  I have to say I did try out some cutesy names that didn’t really mean anything, but would have some pizazz.  Not my cup of tea, really, as I’m painfully straightforward most of the time.  The straight man in every room.  Also, the cute ones I did think of were already taken.

So, my title is about what I think is important.  When I think of aging (which I am!), my motto is “Embrace it, cause you can’t change it!”  When I think of the challenges my children face, I hang onto the belief that every child is created with a special purpose.  My journey of the last decade or so has left me with a strong sense that we are surrounded by heroes, unsung and unnoticed.  Maybe you are one of them.

As one of my priests said to me, “There’s only one being who rejoices in despair, and it ain’t God!”  So, I do indeed love anything which kicks some dust in the face of despair.  I hope that shows in what I write.  We’ll see.


Before I begin, I must thank a lady whom I’ve never met, Stacey, who writes the Journey to Minimalism blog.  We met on a chat site.  She decided she was going to do a blog and lo and behold, she had it up and running before she was even sure she liked the web-hosting service she was using!  She decided to post every day and Bam!  She was posting!

I spent months thinking about this site and of course, not having time to even approach perfection, it was just never going to happen.  Stacey taught me thing or two about getting out of my own way!

There was also my warm, talented and intelligent sister-in-law, Laura, who encouraged me to just try out all of my ideas and enjoy the process.  She’s a remarkable gal.

Then, today, the icing on the cake.  I found out about this amazing woman, Toni Storlazzi, who is using KickStart to get her art project off the ground.  It is all about finding light in the darkness, and that made me realize, it’s time to get this show on the road.

On this blog you will meet poetry and short essays and even a couple of stories.  I hope you enjoy it!


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