Perfectionism Made Me (Not) Do It!

There may be a few people out there who have noticed that  I have not been posting to my blog.  You might even be surprised.  After all,  I was so happy to start it and love to write so much!

And yet, the reason is so very simple:  Perfectionism.  For those of us who suffer from it, you already know where I’m going with this.  You will not be surprised that one day, having begun to write about a subject very dear to my heart, I suddenly found myself unwilling to write at all.   I have simply forgotten to write on some days,  been too busy on others, and too distracted, sick or tired on any other possible day.  And hey, isn’t Sunday the day of rest?

You may know people whom you think of as perfectionists.  People who get a lot done, are organized and effective.  However, there are many of us, lurking in the shadows, whose houses are almost clean enough to welcome you, whose latest poem just isn’t quite ready to put out there yet, who haven’t ever done quite enough research to actually make a decision.  We are the real perfectionists, and we drive everyone and ourselves crazy.

I don’t know how to approach this problem subtly, so I’m just going to charge straight at it, by forcing myself to write and post something every day.  I hope it will be enjoyable or interesting, but I guarantee it won’t be perfect!

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  1. I love reading everything you have posted. You have a wonderfully relatable way of writing. I understand it is hard to remember, but beauty is in the imperfections and the imperfections are what make us all unique.

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