First come the drive-bys:
“Everything happens for the best,”
“There’s a reason for everything,”
“You’re going to be just fine!”

A kiss of pale hope, a spasmodic offering,
Then a dodge back into complaisance
And self-congratulation.
Their offerings buds dried on the vine.
The merest breath and they will crumble.

Then those closest to you,
Watching in silence of deepest fear,
Holding their lives over your danger,
In exchange, in recompense, in pleading,
Turned towards you as flowers to the sun.

I see you, Lovely, accept those withered flowers,
Your pain private and contained.
You endure, and give
That light which grace has given,
Strong as your sweet humility has made you.
Within, you are green.

But when, drooping and full of shadow,
Pain draws you inward, from breath to breath,
Your bravery will require a harder gift.
Allow them their pain.
Allow them to see.

Their hearts, meeting yours,
Will not demand pretense.
Grafted one to another,
Suffering and love will become one.
Like will meet like,
And in that exchange you will be blessed.

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  1. Michele, thank you for sharing :)

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